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Side Star Pillow for side sleepers



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What our customers are saying...

Versatile Pillow!

"While its contoured shape and support makes it ideal for side sleeping, I have found it to be a versatile pillow for every sleep position." - Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA

Washer Dryer Safe

"I love that I finally found a pillow I can wash and dry! It came out of the dryer looking like new" - Lynne from Dallas, TX

Holds its shape

"This pillow fit perfectly around my shoulder, I've been a side sleeper all of my life and finding one that keeps its shape has been a struggle, this one is a keeper!" - Andrea from Illinois

Best Restful Sleep Pillow

"I am so happy I took a chance on this one! I literally feel like I'm on cloud nine when I rest my head on the Side Star Side Sleeper pillow." - Anonymous, New Jersey

Immediate Relief

"I suffer from RA, neck, back and shoulder issues plus the exhaustion of fibromyalgia. The first time I laid in bed with the Side Star pillow I immediately felt so comfortable." - Anonymous, Old Forge, PA

Sleeping great!

"I've looked everywhere for a pillow like this, one week in and I'm sleeping great!" - Sue from California

In today's fast paced world, we must reach our highest energy level possible every day. Restorative rest is key for this. Our goal at Side Star Pillow is help you maintain your most vibrant energy level by giving side sleepers the best support and alignment possible. 


Our products are of the highest quality and proudly made in the USA!

Ergonomic Shape


The plush contour of the Side Star Pillow allows for ideal support of the critical shoulder to head region as you rest. 

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